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Cara Backup Sistem Operasi Dengan Acronis

Maybe a program like Acronis, Ghost Northon, Backup4all, etc. we’ve heard and we frequently use, such software is useful if we do not want to re-install company with a long time and come back to be bothered with installing the software’s, tools and programs that we want. Typically such software is used to install the company in significant amounts with the same spec.
The results of this backup can be used to install the same operating system on a computer or a notebook that has the same hardware specs, or in other words the resulting backup file we can use to cloning operating systems on the same PC or notebook.
Optimal backup and better for your OS, is when a new OS re-install and installed software that you want and in conditions was not a virus, here’s the backup that I think is ideal, if it is then install Acronis True Image software is, and follow the steps below:
1. Open the Acronis True Image
2. Select Backup and Restore

3. Select the Backup

4. In the Create Backup Wizard, select Next, Select My Computer, next,
5. In the Disk and partitions, click Next
6. Check the C drive, click next,

7. In the Source file Exclusion, click next
8. select the folder where you put the backup file, in this case I put it on drive D (my data), click the icon Generate a new name for the file to name the backup file, the file will automatically be named mybackup.tib (Tib: backup extension for Acronis)

9. Click Create a New Full Backup Drive, Use Default Options, on the Archive Comments on the content of the information or left blank, next, then click Proceed

10. Wait until there is notification of the operation was completed succesfully.
You can also put the backup files on a CD (if your OS & data no more than 700 MB), or to DVD, flash and other storage media her. To this step is complete backups. You can also backup a live OS from Acronis bootable CD.


source www.4esoft.us

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