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Power Supply sederhana dengan 7812/7912

Power supply on the only protected by capasitor as if the power supply is connected in series with the load. To power the power supply the more we can menggunakkan transistor TIP, but I have not membahasnya. Therefore I suggest using the minimal specification capasitor with 35V. To bridge dioda you can stack 4 of dioda then you become one solder bridge rectifier, or you can buy a bridge rectifier so that comb-shaped (sideways) or the box. Most dioda bridge I do not recommend using the 1 Ampere, in a series of adapter, the greater ampere dioda the better way in the current series. Dioda a toll road, and as the flow through the car. The large and wide toll road that is, the more rapid flow and run through a series of.

For the series of 5 V power supply, you can change the volt regulator on the type 7805 and 7905. This application applies the same in this series. For the series of variations such as the fuse or switch on / off you can try yourself.

+ 18 V transformer – at least 1 A CT

Capasitor at least 35 + V

source: rangkaian-elektronika

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