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How to Prolong Life Ink Cartidge

The printer prints once a week try to do the printing of all color

At the head there is a printer ink hole 40-100 and heat generated each hole 400 ° C to spray the ink out onto every page of paper. If one of the main ink to run out the heat generated will dry the ink in the printer head which causes head is damaged.
Use quality paper
In the market lots are sold cheap paper that contains dust, which can clog every head printer. It is suggested that the surface slippery and wear specifically for print.
Good way to keep the cartridge from damage
Immediately fill an empty cartridge, empty cartridge or store it in plastic wrap or store in refrigerator.Cold temperatures may prevent the ink dries which causes the printer head is clogged and prevent the foam in the cartridge does not dry. This also applies to all cartridges will be refilled.
Transportation cartridge refill
Make sure the store cartridges in a cool place and protected with less plastic bags. If excessive heat in the car example, can cause the contents of the cartridge is leaking and spurting. Therefore, the ink will be thick ink which encourages the contents out.

source: one of the main providers cartridge refill

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